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COVID-19 Update

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these very difficult and unprecedented times.   Although we are not in the office regularly due to the Governor’s orders, we are working remotely and we are operating at 100% strength and efficiency.  If you have questions, concerns, or any other legal needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We want you to know about some changes we have made to our bankruptcy and real estate practices to allow you to receive all services remotely without leaving your home.

Our bankruptcy clients can now have their cases filed without leaving home, as we have completely streamlined the process of remote filing.  Consultations will be held over the phone or on Skype.   Documents are exchanged through text, email, or Google Docs.  We are now using e-signatures and it is not necessary to print and scan.  Clients may appear at their scheduled hearings by telephone, and we will explain to you individually how this all will happen.

Real estate closings are moving forward, and in fact, we’re making the closing easier than it ever was before.  For the time being, whenever possible, the closing table is being removed from the process for both sellers and buyers. Sellers will pre-sign paperwork, we will go over figures in advance, and we will be wiring all proceeds straight to your bank accounts.    For buyers, we can arrange for a notary to visit your homes in order to close.   If this is not possible, a drive-up closing can be arranged at the title company where buyers can drive to a set location, and easily sign closing documents while remaining in their vehicles. 

Finally, please raise your alert level for scammers who are utilizing the COVID-19 outbreak as an opportunity to try to steal your personal information or to get you to download malware.  These scammers may try to contact you through email, social media, or other methods, and could be posing as trustworthy sources such as CDC (Center for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), or even attorneys like us.  Don’t respond to companies or people you don’t know, and if you are unsure about an email, never respond or click on a link within that email without verifying that the communication is legitimate.

We know you have a lot on your minds right now, and we want to help by assuring you that we are staying on top of your matters just as we did before.  We have adapted to the current conditions and we are as committed as ever to serving you.  We will all make it through this together.

With much appreciation,

O’Keefe, Rivera & Berk, LLC

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