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Dr. Rick K., Lake County

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  • August 27, 2014

Dr. Rick K., Lake County

Anyone considering bankruptcy in the Chicago area would be well advised to consult with Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Peter Berk prior to making any decisions. Before considering bankruptcy, we tried debt consolidation which resulted in little debt reduction, high service fees and three active judgments against us. Attorney Berk took the time to explain in simple language how to bankruptcy process works including fees, timeframes and what was expected from us. Attorney Berk met with us at his downtown Chicago office and explained the process of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The process is complicated, but Attorney Berk explained it in a manner that we could understand, and he was patient with us. My case was a great success – I was able to keep my practice and was only required to repay 10% of the outstanding debt. I also was able to purchase a home a short time after my Chapter 11 Plan was confirmed. When filing bankruptcy, anxiety and self-doubt are to be expected. Attorney Berk was always available to help and support us in a most professional manner. We would highly recommend Attorney Peter Berk and have previously done so to several friends/family members.