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Chicago Real Estate Law

Chicago Real Estate Law February 13, 2020

Before you close on a Chicago condo purchase, read that 22.1 Disclosure twice!

You’re under contract and you’re 30 days away from moving into that beautiful, Instagram- worthy Lincoln Park condo with the brand new hardwood floors and the shiny counter-tops. You’re excited and you’ve got furniture shopping to do. So why should you give a crap about this document called the 22.1 which you will receive by […]

Short Sales as an Alternative to Bankruptcy

We’re now in 2018, and many properties have regained market value since the financial crisis of 2008, which caused a short sale boom.   However, in  the Chicago area, many properties continue to be underwater, meaning that their market values are less than the balance owed to the mortgage lienholders.    So, while not a […]

Chicago Real Estate Law July 20, 2016

The power of real estate contract modifications during attorney review

One of the most important jobs we have when we represent the buyer in a real estate deal is to immediately review the contract and propose modifications within the standard 5 business day attorney review period, which runs from the date of seller acceptance. One addition we always make to the standard contract is to […]

Chicago Real Estate Law July 20, 2016

Buying a short sale? Here are some ways we can protect you.

Short sales are still going strong in the Chicago area. We have only partially recovered from the market crash of the 2000’s, and some areas of the city have not seen much recovery at all. Plenty of homeowners are still looking to rid themselves of negative equity. At the same time, mortgage companies are desperate […]