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Archive for: August 2017

Real Estate Law August 29, 2017

Own your home? A new Illinois law allows you to pass it to your heirs without probate.

I GET so many calls at the office from people who want to know how they can get the title to a property they have inherited placed in their name. And then I have to give the ugly bad news, because the answer usually is: PROBATE. Probate is a process by which assets are transferred […]

Bankruptcy Law August 24, 2017

A recent success with student loan bankruptcy discharge

It’s pretty well known that discharging student loans in bankruptcy is really, really tough. The standard from the bankruptcy code is that the client must have an undue hardship, meaning that the client couldn’t meet a basic standard of living if forced to repay the loans. Plus the client must have made an attempt to […]

Newsletter August 24, 2017

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